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Bags personalization

Personalized bags for road safety kits

We have our own sewing room and an electric cutter, which enables fast and accurate cutting of complex shapes. We carefully select each element of the bag and ensure the quality of each production stage. We also personalize the inside of the bag. We offer tailor-made solutions, tailored to individual needs. Solutions such as Velcro, compartments, handles will organize any items, including those provided by the customer.

A bag for all road safety accessories:

Material selection

High Quality Materials

We offer our clients high-quality series of personalized bags and covers in various sizes, made of high-quality materials. Our materials that we import from Taiwan meet all REACH standards:

Proven printing techniques - screen printing, thermal transfer printing and hot stamping - guarantee precise representation of the logo or other graphics provided by the customer. What's more, thanks to professional machines, the prints are durable and high-quality.

Find out about our printing methods

Screen printing

We personalize bags by screen printing, ensuring:

The preparation of the printing form consists in making a template, i.e. covering the non-printing places - blocking the holes in the screen printing mesh. There are many ways to do this, and the choice of one depends on the type of paint, screen, amount and desired results.

Thermal transfer printing

Personalization of bags by thermal transfer printing:

We use paper or transfer foil, on which we apply the print and cover it with glue that activates in the heating tunnel. After warming up, the print is transferred to the target surface, using a professional transfer press ensuring the right pressure and temperature.

Hot Stamping

Due to the flexibility of application on a variety of materials, the hot stamp is more effective than other hot stamping methods. It is a very safe method for the environment due to the lack of emission of harmful vapors into the atmosphere. Such decorations are not affected by UV radiation, so despite the fact that the material often loses its color, the printed symbol does not change.

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